The Great Undoing: America’s Nervous Breakdown

“May you live in interesting times.”
Chinese Curse


American Suburbia: ‘Cancerous Cells of Unmentionable Ugliness’

“At first it’s beautiful to just watch that white line reel into Willie’s snout but when I start looking around out the window there’s just endless housing tracts and new blue factories everywhere—Sez Dave: ‘Yes, that’s right, the population explosion is gonna cover every bit of backyard dirt in America some day in fact they’ll even have to start piling up friggin levels of houses and others over that like your cityCityCITY till the houses reach a hundred miles in the air in all directions of the map and people looking at the earth from another planet with super-telescopes will see a prickly b


You Are Always Going to Be Alone and You Deserve to Be: The Fallacy of Online Dating and Similar Lies

“One can see evidence of the empty self in current psychological discourse about narcissism and borderline states, the popular culture’s emphasis on consuming, political advertising strategies that emphasize soothing and charisma instead of critical thought, and a nationwide difficulty in maintaining personal relationships.”
Philip Cushman, PhD, “Why the Self is Empty: Toward a Historically Situated Psychology.”


Wal-Mart: Check Your Soul at the Door

[img_assist|nid=16|title=|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=240|height=181|rel=lightbox]Wal-Mart has become a very easy target for anyone with half a brain and a quarter of a heart. Besides the millions of complaints waged against the company by its employees for everything from physical and mental abuse to out right theft of wages and the forcing of workers to work off the clock, Wal-Mart has long been the target of environmental and small town advocates who note that the stores gobble up open space, pollute, and drive small business out of business. Which is all true. Wal-Mart is a terrible and reprehensible organization. But, it is also indicative of the society as a whole. That’s the rub, folks. This is a terrible society.


The Whiskey Gentry: America’s Aristocracy

“Why do the finest flowers of the American Dream so often turn up in asylums, divorce courts, and other gray hallways of the living doomed? What is it about being born free and rich beyond worry that makes people crazy?” - Hunter S. Thompson, “Love on the Palm Beach Express: The Pulitzer Divorce Trial”

Dr. Thompson was right to ask that question as he roamed the filthy halls of the mega-rich during the infamous Pulitzer Divorce Trial of 1982. I found myself asking the same question as former New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer was dragged off of the public stage, humiliated and ashamed, mocked and called a “whoremonger” by even his closest friends and family members.


Priorities - Part 1: The Environment

[img_assist|nid=2|desc=|link=node|align=right|width=182|height=240]Today I heard a story on the local public radio station about a Colorado woman who is being sued by her local homeowner’s association because she had the audacity to want to save energy by hanging her laundry outside to dry. It seems that there is an ordinance that had been voted into affect by the majority of pre-fab home owners in her development stating that hanging clothes out to dry is unseemly and not allowed. The chairman of the association was quoted as saying something to the effect of: “Hanging clothes outside your home is hideous and wrong and makes a person look…well, poor. And if you’re poor you deserve to be and you are probably a lazy minority and minorities are NOT allowed in this gated community. People have made a large investment in these huge homes and I will be God Damned if I will see someone’s clothing hanging in their own back yard.”

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